Visualise your product or message
in an amazing way

Use computer generated imagery for a higher viewer retention

Eye-catching motion graphics for business communication

We compose light and shadows based on rhythm and beauty in balance

Impressive 3D-animation for
your next big event

3D motion graphics with no limits

Each pixel is a wonder.

WonderPixel is a brand new audiovisual company, based in Belgium. We produce eyecatching 3D-animations for a diversity of applications. Bumpers and advertising spots for TV, photorealistic scenesettings & special effects for Film, amazing visuals for Shows & Events, stylish motion graphics for Online Video productions.


The answer is simple. Making visuals is our passion to enhance your communication in a convincing & beautiful way. We see each pixel as a wonder in itself. And we give your message or product a lead role that sticks out above the rest.

the house of visual effects
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